In order for a Continuous Improvement project to be successful, a strategy needs to be developed and this strategy must align closely to the overall business strategy.

We work with our clients to develop an appropriate Continuous Improvement strategy that helps them to achieve World Class Organisation status. To ensure the benefits of the training are maintained, we also provide Continuous Improvement programs.

Alora Consultants provides consultancy in all areas such as Strategy Management, Program Management, Project Portfolio Management and Project Management.

Strategy Management

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We outline the short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives of the project. This strategy becomes the roadmap that ultimately leads to Continuous Improvement practices becoming a core part of business operations.

Short term

After launching a Continuous Improvement program, there may be a temporary dip in performance because of the nature of change involved. To avoid or to minimise this, you need to address any initial resistance to change. The initial focus is on cost-reduction improvement projects and programs. You will be using basic Lean and Lean Six Sigma tools plus Change Management.

Medium term

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When the Continuous Improvement program is up and running, you should begin to see a steady improvement in performance in the medium term. Initial problems have been addressed and the process has been fine-tuned. You continue to look at ways to improve performance and reduce costs. However, you also want to change the culture of the organisation and make the changes part of day-to-day business. At this stage, you will be using more advanced Lean and Lean Six Sigma tools plus Change Management.

Long term

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When the Continuous Improvement program has settled down into a new way of working, you should continue to see steady performance improvement. The changes have been integrated into all aspects of the business and are now part of the company philosophy. Your performance metrics should be reaching World Class. You will now be using highly advanced Lean Six Sigma and Design for Lean Six Sigma tools.

Continuous Improvement Programs

Implementing a successful Continuous Improvement project is just the first stage in your journey towards becoming a World Class Organization. However, unless your project brings about a cultural change within your company, it has not been a total success.

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The Continuous Improvement ideas and practices need to become an integral part of ongoing company operations. A Continuous Improvement project can only be as successful as the commitment to change that motivates it. And this motivation must extend from the project team to transform the company culture.

The project team must promote the benefits of the change. Senior management must visibly support the change. Employees must feel empowered by the change. And customers must see the benefits of the change.

Our services help clients to implement transformational programs that lead to cultural changes and robust, sustainable improvement systems. These services include: